“Everything is Bent” // Frank Plant

Frank Plant

“Everything is Bent”

07.09.17 – 21.10.20217

In “Everything is Bent” Frank Plant presents a selection of his most recent works. In words of the artist himself: “My work is about physical and social observations. I think of things in terms of compositions whether that be an object, a line of text or a social situation. It’s important to me that the work be open and accessible. I look equally for harmony and discordance and find them similarly revealing and fascinating. I’ve been imbued with a sense of social awareness and hence choose to deal with these issues, as I see them, sometimes in my work. Finding and examining the subtle manners of communication of and between humans for me is all about exposing the balance and symmetry or lack thereof in our everyday existence.”

Feeling Ill, Flag, Painted steel, wood, 148cm x 146, 2017


Frank Plant, Astronauts 1, 90×68 cm, steel and cloth,

Giddyup Mother f@#$%ers!!! (The Notion of Progress), 2017
Painted Steel,  195 × 146 × 3 cm

Frank Plant, The family, painted steel, 100×100 cm, unique work

Frank Plant, Walking in circles, painted steel, 100×100 cm, unique work

It´s like a jungle, sometimes…200 cm diameter, painted steel
Unique work