Kepa Garraza

This is the end of the world as you know it” is a project built up in the form of a fictional story about the near future. This narration is composed of multiple scenes, presented in chronological order, to recreate a story which shows us a dystopian future .

A kind of negative utopia, a future consequence of modern society but with completely undesirable results. This project aims to think about the economic crisis and its social consequences. It also tries to show the constant feeling of the absence of the future of contemporary societies. Another basic aspect of this project is to discuss the increasingly blurred boundaries between journalistic image (commonly accepted as a truthful witness) and fictional images. That increasingly common reality that forces the viewer to live in an increasingly uncertain world, more blurred with only relative truths .

Kepa Garraza, Protester 6, 2015. Pastel on paper. 140×100

Kepa Garraza, Protester 5, 2015. Pastel on paper. 140×100

The protesters – pastel sobre papel – 140×200 cm – enmarcado

Black block – pastel sobre papel – 200×140 cm – enmarcado

Protester I – pastel sobre papel – 140×140 cm – enmarcado

Vladimir Putin – pastel sobre papel – 140×190 cm – enmarcado