From June the 30th until July the 30th 2016
Opening: Thursday  the 30th of June – 19 hr

The art exhibition ‘Land of Gods’ was originated and conceived in the island of Bali, a place renowned for its inhabitants’ strong spiritual beliefs and for the powerful connection between their artistic manifestations and their religion. Max Gärtner believes that our creative energy, which we use to express our individuality, does not in reality derive from within us, but rather, we are merely conductors of its force.

“I express myself primarily in a visual way. I am generally not a fond advocate of explaining my art upfront, because I believe that the energy I invest in a work makes it come alive and speak for itself. My interpretation of an artwork, or simply the feelings induced from its contemplation, can differ entirely with those of another viewer. However, both perceptions form part of the same reality.” Part of the art works created for this exhibition were produced by applying the technique of wood carving, a hallmark of the Balinese wood figure culture that forms a centerpiece of their religious ceremonies. The combination of Max Gärtner’s artistic style and the traditional Balinese craftsmanship, from what is otherwise known as the “island of gods”, represents a fusion of visual expressions from two distinctly different cultures as well as an appreciation for the importance of spiritualism in art.

The Hispanic-German artist enjoys presenting his exhibitions in the style of a “modern temple”, with the vision of creating a space that aspires to relate the human existence and its connection to the divine through artistic expression.-

Max Gärtner, Tiff Tesia, 2016. 95×95 cm. Corte de papel manual.

Max Gärtner, Gabriel, 2016. 107×124 cm. Corte de papel manual.

Max Gärtner, Black Eagle, 2016. 135×95 cm. Corte de papel manual.

Max Gärtner, Grey Jaguar, 2016. 130x110cm. Corte de papel manual.

Max Gärtner, Golden Snake, 2016. 105×105. Papel cortado manualmente

Max Gärtner, Diamond Fox. 2016. Laserprint. Edición de 6. 40×29,5 cm

Max Gärtner, Bali Tiger, 2016. 90x78x2 cm. Corte de madera manual

Max Gärtner, Batu Mejan, 2016. 99x69x2 cm. Corte de madera manual

Max Gärtner, Organg Keramat, 2016. 99x73x2 cm. Corte de madera manual

Max Gärtner, Sukawati, 2016. 90x95x2 cm. Corte de madera manual

Max Gärtner, Golden Eagle, 2016. Corte de papel manual. 109×102 cm

Max Gärtner, Santo, 2016. 115x110cm. Papel cortado manualmente