From September 8th until September 23rd 2016
Opening: Thursday the 8th of September – 19 hours

The exhibition is a representative sample of the work of Miquel Aparici. It includes a wide variety of animals, from small birds to a cheetah, dogs, a rhinoceros-size and other unique pieces. In total, the sculptor presents around twenty pieces. Miquel Aparici’s sculptures are striking assemblages, made from recycled unused objects of iron and wood, who have their own history. His work is characterized by simplicity, as most of its pieces gather together a few elements, which results in very elegant compositions of simple lines, which, however, thanks to its original combination, are endowed with a big powerful expression.

His work has been exhibited in different galleries in Barcelona, in addition to an exhibition shown in the temple of the Sagrada Familia, where he showed a curious selection of  pieces inspired by by various animals carved by Gaudi. Miquel Aparici sculptures have traveled to Madrid, San Sebastian, Santander, Sitges, Gerona, Valencia, Menorca, Valladolid, Freibrug (Germany), Milan (Italy) and New York (USA).

His sculptures test the viewer’s imagination because they show familiar objects in a different context than usual, and play a different role, which gives them a new identity. Thus, appealing to the wit and sense of humor, the artist gains complicity of the audience and invites you to participate in his own game, which is to recreate reality and transform it into art.

Miquel Aparici, Cabeza Oso, 2015. 20x20x20 cm


Miquel Aparici, Elefante Azul, 2016. 33x40x35 cm

Miquel Aparici, Guepardo, 2015. 143x71x27 cm

Miquel Aparici, Jaulas, 2015

Miquel Aparici, Jaula negra, 2015

Miquel Aparici, Pájaro bola, 2016. 23x30x12 cm

Miquel Aparici, Pájaro cola dorada, 2015. 75x50x22 cm

Miquel Aparici, Pájaro oriental, 2015. 75x29x40 cm

Miquel Aparici, Pájaro picudo, 2013. 32x45x10 cm

Miquel Aparici, Pájaro rojo cuello largo, 2016. 57x37x10 cm

Miquel Aparici, Pájaro tótem, 2013. 53x30x18 cm

Miquel Aparici, Pájaro vasco, 2016. 104x60x20 cm

Miquel Aparici, Perro de bronce, 2013. 110x110x30 cm

Miquel Aparici, Perro pequeño, 2016. 100x20x45 cm

Miquel Aparici, Perro sentado, 2015. 90x90x35 cm

Miquel Aparici, Pez cresta, 2016. 24x20x7 cm

Miquel Aparici, Pez marrón pequeño, 2015. 26x21x10 cm

Miquel Aparici, Pez marrón, 2015. 28x42x12 cm

Miquel Aparici, Rey, 2016. 40x14x14 cm

Miquel Aparici, Salmonete, 2015. 29x10x3 cm

Miquel Aparici, Rinoceronte, 2016 Assemblage. 290 cm

Miquel Aparici, Libros secretos, 2016. Dimensiones variables