About Apostles and Apostates // Gustavo Díaz Sosa


About Apostles and Apostates

Gustavo Díaz Sosa

From April the 23rd until June the 16th

Opening: Thursday April the 23rd from 19h – free entrance

The Artist will be present  during the opening


The Gallery is celebrating the opening of a new exhibition of Gustavo Díaz Sosa, Of Apostles and Apostates. The young creator, winner of the Golden Title of the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro, is one the most exhibited cuban painter in Spain.


He owns more than thirty prizes and his works are part of important private and public collections all over the world. He has also collaborated in artistic projects involving other languages such as: cinema, television, theater or illustration.


We are living in an age of apostasy. This is genesis of Gustavo Díaz Sosa’s expressive universe. Eventhough the term apostate is usually used to define a person who repudiates his/her religous faith.


Gustavo allocates it to the liberal and solitary attitude with which the contemporary human rejects the dogmas and the stigmas established in society, throughout its history. A society thirsty of liberty is being portrayed in a poetic manner, in this young’s artist work.


Humanity seems to be shaped by the fancy of the ones in power, but now we are living in a time in which we must cut the threads of the puppets we have become. In his pieces, Gustavo Díaz Sosa describes a lost, anonymous, global, surrendered and desperate society, against a system which presumes to exist as a democracy.


His characters keep running towards nowhere looking for doors or ways out from the monumental walls that keep them trapped in the burocratic and established rules. Like sheep they walk in flocks trying to selve themselves from the others.


This is why Gustavo creates these compositions where the man is miniaturized in front of the laws and the legends implanted in the roots of the human nature. Religion, myths, politics…all these are tools to remember how fragile the human is in the face of Power.


Díaz Sosa incites us to reflection by using certain cinematographic ambiances that remember us about K. faced against the huge and unreachable Castle or before the desolated desesperation of a never-ending and absurd Trial.


At the same time he inspires us to remember Dostoievski and his novel Crime and Punishment, where Raskólikos sees himself cornered between the paradoxical concepts of good and evil, correct and incorrect, the desired and the not desired.


Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, San Alejandro in Cuba, besides a paintor, Gustavo Díaz Sosa can also be considered a great thinker, which far from being an Apostle inspires us to the Apostasy. 


burocratas 120x200cmSeries: “De burócratas y padrinos” – Mixed media on canvas – 120×200 cm


burocratas_160x220cmSeries: “De burócratas y padrinos” – Mixed media on canvas – 160×220 cm


caballo victorSeries: “De Apóstoles y apóstatas” – Mixed media on canvas – 100×180 cm


CN004Series: “De burócratas y padrinos” – Mixed media on canvas – 70×100 cm


CN005Series: “De burócratas y padrinos” – Mixed media on canvas – 70×100 cm


CN009Series: “Huérfanos de Babel” -Mixed media on canvas – 100x73cm


CN010Series: “Apoteosis de la humanidad ” – Mixed media on canvas – 140×120 cm


CN011Series: “Humanidad S XXI” – Mixed media on canvas – 140x100cm


exodos nuevo milenioSeries: “Éxodos del nuevo milenio” – Mixed media on canvas – 200×200 cm


exodos_150x200cmSeries: “Éxodos del nuevo milenio” – Mixed media on canvas – 150×200 cm


huerfanos babel 2Series: “Huérfanos de Babel” – Mixed media on canvas – 180×100 cm


huerfanos babelSeries: “Huérfanos de Babel” – Mixed media on canvas – 160×130 cm


IN_GUSTAVO16Series: “Apoteosis de la humanidad” – Mixed media on canvas – 115×190 cm


IN_GUSTAVO19Series: “Apoteosis de la humanidad” – Mixed media on canvas – 140×220 cm


prueba“Doce estudios para una exposición” – Mixed media on paper – 12 pieces of 30×40 cm

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