Crossroads // Group Show


Group Show

From May 22nd to July 15th


The Victor Lope Arte Contemporaneo Gallery is pleased to announce the new exhibition “Crossroads”, a group show where two different lines of art, abstraction and figuration, meet to establish a dialogue between the content and the shape, seeking leisurely reflection spectator before the staged duality.


Following the path of abstraction, geometric and accurate, we find the works of Esther Stewart (Melbourne, 1988) a young artist whose work is shown for the first time in Europe and work of Iñigo Arregui (Mondragon, 1952).


Based on the role as support and essential part of the construction of the work, we can enjoy the works in japanese paper of Javier Leon (Seville, 1977), a fragile and exquisite plasticity, cold geometry and calculated of the engineer and artist Matt Shlian (Ann Arbor, USA, 1980), and worldwide known works on paper of baroque shapes with a minimalist representation of Jacinto Moros (Zaragoza, 1959).


Moreover, under the path of the configuration, spectator will find the hyper-realist works of Salustiano (Sevilla, 1973) and the dreamlike canvases of Chris Buissa (Sao Paulo, 1972) and photographs from Matthias Heiderich ( Germany, 1982 ).


An eclectic show configured as an invitation to dialogue from two approaches that, far from seeking a confrontation, explore the points in common.



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