Iñigo Arregi


Mondragón, 1954


The Basque artist Iñigo Arregui shows in his sculptures and reliefs in the same expressive concepts that shows his desire for geometrical shapes that intersect.


Pieces are overlapping themselves in different planes, alignments that, in the case of sculptures, fit together to form a harmonious space, which can be separated and joined again as if it were a puzzle.


The architectural volume of his paper and cardboard works, keep the same criteria as the sculptures, the drawings and paintings are disposed in different planes.


Creating a unique and original perspective, the aesthetics of these frames create a play of effects and views, a non-explicit reference of discourse, and a complex structure of emotions and arguments.


J.L. Ara Oliván



Arregi, CAJA INTERVENIDA, 2016. 18 x 20 x 20 cm.

Arregi, HORIZONTAL, 2016. 42 x 18 x 23 cm.

Arregi, MOVIMIENTO CURVO, 2016. 23 x 19 x 24 cm.

Arregi, ARNAGA, 2016. 250 x 120 x 135 cm.

Arregi, Gauaren Isiltasuna, 2016. 75 x 85 x 200 cm.

Arregi, BEGIRADA, 2016. Acero Corten. 55 x 29 x 23 cm.

Arregi, RELIEVE, 2016. Papel. 153 x 100 cm.

SOÑANDO LA FLOR, 2016. Acero Corten. 21 x 25 x 37 cm.

ESTRUCTURA ASIMETRICA, 2016. Acero Corten. 24 x 24 x 42 cm.

EL ÁRBOL IMAGINADO, 2016. Acero Corten. 25 x 25 x 45 cm.








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