Kepa Garraza // Propaganda



During the Barcelona Gallery Weekeng: 17.09.20 – 31.10.20


Propaganda is a new series of drawings by, with I intend to analyze the use of propaganda as a political tool throughout history and the fundamental role art has played in this process.


Given the almost immeasurable extension of the matter, it is inevitable that this analysis offers a biased and partial look of itself. My intention with these pieces is not then to develop an detailed academic research about the relation between art and propaganda but to encourage the spectator to reflect on the nature of power and its representation.


To do so, I have used a selection of images of works of art and press photographs which cover a period of 25 centuries, from the 5th century before Christ until our days.


All these images come together about the concept of propaganda, understood as a form of representation that has as a main objective to influence in the behavior of a social group, presenting only a side or an aspect of an argument.


These images offer a non-lineal route through history and of course answer to a personal selection, partial and intentioned. My intention with these pieces isn’t another one than to reflect about the role of art in our society and to prove something that is not new: the political and social dimension of art and its inevitable influence in the development and narration of history.


Kepa Garraza

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