Original Version // Group Show

Original Version

Group Show

From September 17 to October 20, 2015
Opening: Thursday September 17th, 19 hours.


“Original Version” its a group exhibition that includes the work of newcomers artists to the portfolio of the galery: Jorge Hernández, Miquel Aparici, Ruben Torras and also the last works of the usual gallery artists.


Participant artists: Fernando Suárez // Frank Plant // Jacinto Moros // Johan Barrios // Jordi Fulla // Jorge Hernández // Malgosia Jankowska // Miquel Aparici // Rubén Torras // Salvador Farrés.


Fernando Suárez, En la trampa. 180 x 37 x 37 cm

Frank Plant, The Urn of Narcissus, 2015. 170x150cm

Jacinto Moros, FEEXT, 2015. 95×95

Johan Barrios, Profile 1. 20x20cm

Miquel Aparici, Pájaro plateado.

Jordi Fulla. – . 56x76cm

Jorge Hernández, El faro. 175x190cm

Malgosia Jankowska, Roter Schlitten, 2015. 130x100cm

Rubén Torras, Recogida de Muestra II. 54×67.5 cm

Salvador Farrés, Esperanza.

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