De lo invisible a lo esencial

21/06/2018 - 28/07/2018

Manu Muñoz

It is in this journey from point zero -from "nothing"- to the end of it where we find the axis around which the works that make up the exhibition From the Invisible to the Essential orbit. A set of images that pretend an almost human entity, where the viewer will have to find a way to go beyond the fact of observing, to make the superfluous invisible and try to find the essential. Or maybe nothingness.

“The void” as a starting point is the common denominator in any creative action. In a purely visual perspective, the “invisible” could be translated as something inexistent. It wouldn’t be easy to analyze this isolated matter inside the creative process unless we consider this invisibility, this void, as the prelude of conception, of the intellectual or spiritual exercise.

“The void” precedes the stimulus and the stimulus unchains the action, the invisibility starts being invaded by the haze of events, the emotions, and the transformative facts.

In contrast to the immaterial and intangible side of the process, on the other hand, we find what we could call “the outcome”: the addition of all the events occurred during a certain period of time, conditioned by a multitude of factors, at the end, determining.

Between these two points – “the void” and “the outcome” – it is where the artistic action is produced, everything related to the emotional experience of the artist that is, in essence, what provides value to the result. Even if being related, each subsequent fact is a side effect. In this journey from “the void” until the end of itself is where we find the axis surrounding the artworks which form the exhibition “From the invisible to the essential”. An ensemble of images that define an entity almost human, where the spectator will have to find the way to go beyond the fact of observing, overshadow the superfluous and try to find the essential. Or maybe the void.


Manu Muñoz

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