Ordering planes on space

18/06/2020 - 10/09/2020

Iñigo Arregi

Experience, his own and that of those who inspired him, is the driving force behind Ordenando planos en el espacio. The exhibition that Iñigo Arregi presents at Víctor Lope Arte Contemporáneo. In it, we find the essence of a whole tradition of Basque sculptors. One in which Iñigo himself already plays a crucial role in understanding the works that come and will come.

Iñigo arranges planes in space, a terrain that can become rough without the proper training and discipline. Without them, the above becomes vertigo and the below becomes an abyss that attracts materials that, dangerously, can become ballast.

Iñigo understands the vicissitudes of the material, of Corten steel, his hallmark, and also assumes that in his proposal there are multiple planes, which, although they establish a firm pattern when intertwined, also entail a risk of repetition. Iñigo avoids this problem thanks to his interest in difficulty, in challenge, with the combination of pieces in a space that, at first glance, seems full of possibilities.

By arranging planes in space, he also works at a remarkable temporal level. Time is introduced into the works not only through the artist’s experience. The materials also invite this magnitude to say its own, to establish rules that are also a distinctive feature in the artist’s works.

Ordering planes in space is a kaleidoscopic exercise, of traditions that are still alive, of risks that are accepted as a necessity of growth for the artist.

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