Kepa Garraza, Mario Dilitz, Johan Barrios, Alfredo Chamal, Salustiano y Marisa Morón

An explosion of talent that aims to vindicate the style that brings together all these magnificent artists and that undoubtedly show the quality and artistic professionalism of the artists presented and their Realisms.

The Gallery Víctor Lope Arte Contemporáneo announces the opening of its new group exhibition on February 2nd at 7 p.m. in which several artists will participate.

This time, the gallery will mix in its exhibiting space, a selection of realist pieces of different formats: painting, drawing and sculpture. Artists from different generations and origins that show us some of their most recent works.

In the field of sculpture, there will be displayed the bodies in bronze and perfectly carved wood by Mario Dilitz (Austria, 1973). On paper he newest pieces of the series Power by the Basque artist Kepa Garraza (Spain, 1979) and also the pieces by the young talented Mexican artist Alfredo Chamal (Mexico, 1993) who draws with BIC ballpoint pen.

Finally, in the painting field we will see the work of the Colombian artist Johan Barrios (Colombia, 1983) and the amazing big pieces by the unforgettable Salustiano (Spain, 1965). We will also present for the first time the series Mujer-es by the young artist Marisa Morón (Spain, 1984).

An explosion of talent that pretends to reclaim the trend that gathers all these great artists and that without a doubt shows the quality and the artistic professionality of the presented artists.

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