By Invitation, Círculo Ecuestre 2021

More about the fair

In this new edition of “By Invitation” we will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the most outstanding works of our represented artists: Malgosia Jankowska, Íñigo Arregi and Jacinto Moros.

The painter Malgosia Jankowska, who uses fine brushstrokes to contrast people and nature. She masterfully creates paintings of impressive depth and breadth, alternating translucent and pasty colours. The filigree lines, together with the softened tones – sometimes restricted to a single colour on a white background – are reminiscent of the engravings in old storybooks. The scenes Jankowska’s paintings invite us into are like a fairy tale.

The cult of the curve developed by Jacinto Moros in his work enjoys, as a good production with solid foundations, a prismatic texture through which interpretations and rich metaphors expand. A kaleidoscope that yields formal readings such as the measured abstraction of his embossing or the play of levels that characterises his wooden sculptures. From these two creative cores a poetics is born around movement.
around movement.

The Basque artist Iñigo Arregi shows us his sculptures and reliefs under the same plastic concept that has in common his eagerness for geometric shapes that intertwine. The pieces, in different planes that overlap, alignments that, in the case of the sculptures, fit together to form a harmonious whole made up of planes that meet or join together, that can be separated and joined again as if they were a puzzle.

In “By Invitation” painting, drawing, sculpture and engraving will share space in the project, seeking, once again, the fusion between work and space.

By Invitation, Círculo Ecuestre 2021