New work available by Mario Diliitz


New work available by Mario Dilitz

We present the new sculpture by Mario Dilitz: 198. Made in 2022 and with dimensions of 94 x 32 x 20 cm, it maintains the aesthetics and line of the artist while at the same time it exemplifies Dilitz's great technical mastery.

We are pleased to present the new piece by our represented artist Mario Dilitz. The work entitled 198 is one of the artist's latest works. A unique piece framed in an edition of eight of dimensions 94 x 32 x 20 cm and perfectly crafted in lime wood. It is a perfect example of the mastery and virtue that Mario Dilitz has of the techniques and materials he uses.
198 198
As noticeable, the ability to give expression to the human form, to convey and translate its language is a skill, is one which sculptor Mario Dilitz definitely has. He combines traditional sculptural knowledge and technical skills with topical issues and in this way manages to create sculptures of great intensity and appeal. His work is polarizing. There is a contrast between the aesthetic beauty of his sculptures and the content of the themes, in a profound confrontation with the vagaries of human existence. On the one hand Mario Dilitz manifests the contradictions that occur in human nature, and on the other hand he knows how to unite them in his work. Even his choice of material reveals these contradictions. His sculptures, most of them life-size, are created in high quality laminated wood or in bronze using the lost wax technique.