Arena (2018)

Concha Martínez Barreto

Photography, silkscreen and sand


Unique piece
54 x 120 cm
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About the artist

The work of Concha Martínez Barreto (Fuente Álamo, Murcia, 1978) is an intense reflection on the fragility of memory and, at the same time, on identity itself, intergenerational connections, death and oblivion.

Through different techniques and media, he investigates the past, but not by attempting the impossible reconstruction of what has been lost or an arid cataloguing work, but as a task that precisely shows the difficulty of all remembrance, the importance of showing the fragments, the traces left by time.

The encounter with some old family photographs leads her to propose The Names, a polyptych of twelve pieces conceived as an intense reflection on the fragility of memory and on identity itself, intergenerational connections, death and oblivion.
Meticulous and at the same time fragile drawings (as is the case of the series El viaje) that serve to account for the effort to remember and the failure of that attempt; how the inherited memory is full of ellipses, questions and doubts.

His is a work about his own identity, relationships, time and its traces. A work that speaks of the need for balance, of the dichotomy ballast / debt: of wounds and reproach, but, above all, of love.

El viaje is a series of drawings in which childhood is shown as a starting point but at the same time as a center around which we always move. The desire to leave is joined in these pieces to the fear of shipwreck in spaces of crossed looks in which the differences of scale speak of the flexibility of time and the different speed with which it seems to run for adults and for children.