Composition SW05 (2022)

Carsten Beck

Oil on canvas

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110 × 130 × 5.5 cm
Unique piece
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Carsten Beck

About the artist

The Danish artist Carsten Beck (b. 1986) lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. My paintings can be referred to as a boil down of Scandinavian minimalistic expression transferred to oil on canvas. The paintings are a mix of a geometric perspective in forms and shapes with a
mathematician’s attention to detail and high-quality materials. Beck’s background in print making and photography gives the artist the options to see perspectives in art creating new geometric shapes in a powerful and contradictory color scheme.

The biggest inspiration for my art works, often go on long walks to capture new perspectives and angles. This inspiration I translate into new sketches and ideas. I attempt to relate my work to midcentury art and equally draw inspiration from this, with one of my favourite architects being Alvar Aalto. As such, my art does not necessarily need to represent or depict something more than it being a painting. Sometimes things do not always need to make sense or depict something. It is all about the composition, as well as the balance between black and white. From the layering of colours to the placement of figures. Symmetrical and asymmetrical aspects must be on point from the start. There is a difficulty to making the simple look interesting, which I like challenging myself with.

I am constantly looking back to rework and refine old concepts and ideas, to create new content. The biggest difference is that I have found my path in the concrete artform and started exploring it.