Goya y la abolición de la Tauromaquia (2016)

Santiago Talavera


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21 x 30 cm
Unique piece

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Santiago Talavera

About the artist

The central axis of Santiago Talavera’s work is the reflection on the human condition through the investigation of the landscape and its symbolic, narrative and spatial possibilities. The absence of the human being in his works, combined with an intimate and absurd atmosphere in which past and future seem to intermingle, accentuate the need to think about the place we occupy, rather than as mere observers.

Through drawing, painting and video, Santiago Talavera prefigures and reconstructs space by exploring the imaginative possibilities of nature. His scenes seem to form a fragmented history where the recently occurred and the imminent open up avenues for speculation, and in which the conflicts derived from the relationship between culture and nature seep through. In this direction, his work leaves traces of a landscape permeable to openly political questions of a collective nature that transcend personal domains. Hauntopolis, his current project to be released in 2020, reclaims the utopian tradition in a personal interpretation of how to deal with the disappointment of a cultural present that folds in on itself.