He estado ahí, en la cloaca, pero ahora florezco I (2022)

Javier Ruiz

Oil on Paper

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Unique Piece
14,2 x 17,9 cm
Framed: 26,5 x 24 cm
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Javier Ruiz

About the artist

At the time of elaborating my work, my maximum pretension is to approach it from the pleasure of painting, generating a dialogue with my daily experiences and my environment. I maintain a close relationship between the people around me and the spaces in which I move, thus reflecting a daily life that gives character to my work. I explore the human condition, without framing the person represented in the social context, but I try to show the viewer the person portrayed without any additives. I emphasize what I want to reflect through the tool of painting; the innate psychology and character of each of the protagonists”.

Artist’s Biographical Note

Javier Ruiz (Jaén, 1989) began studying Graphic Design in Jaén in 2007. In 2013 he made the Higher Studies in Illustration in Madrid and in 2014 he made a Painting and Color Theory Workshop in Los Angeles (USA).

Winner of several awards such as La Rural contest (2010) or the Bienal de Pintura deportiva de Burgos (2015), the artist has also received honorable mention in the Real Ateneo de Sevilla contest (2013) as well as in the MOD portrait contest (2014) and has been selected in FIGURATIVAS ’11 (2011) or Emilio Ollero Contest (2011).

Since 2015 he has had several solo exhibitions such as Identities at the Antonio Gala Foundation in Cordoba (2015), Torso, círculo, rama, at the Juan Francisco Casas room in La Carolina (2018) , Hasta donde sé, at the Victor Lope Gallery in Barcelona ( 2021) WAX AND WANE ( 2021) and AERIAL VIEW OF HUMAN FREEDOM (2022) at The Curators Room in Amsterdam.