Horse V (Duke of Wellington)

Kepa Garraza

“With this project I want to create a visual journey through the history of the equestrian portrait, from ancient Greece to the present day. To do this I will make modified versions of some of the most representative works of art within this genre, but making a substantial change in each of them: The elimination of the horseman. These versions will be very similar both in technique and scale to the originals, except for the fact that in all of them the main character, the portrayed, is missing. With this project I want to reflect on power, its codes of representation and their permanence throughout history. These modified portraits have the vocation of perverting the original function of the original, thus turning the original propaganda images into altered versions where everything acquires a new meaning.”

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Compressed carchoal bar on paper
70x85 cm
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Kepa Garraza

About the artist

Trained in Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country, the Bradford Art College in England and the University of Barcelona, Kepa Garraza (Berango, Vizcaya, 1979) began his exhibition career in 2004. It is from this moment on that he receives different scholarships and awards.

He has shown his work in art centers such as the Patio Herreriano Museum in Valladolid or the CA2M in Madrid. Likewise, he has also exhibited at the Artium in Vitoria, the DA2 in Salamanca, the San Telmo Museum in San Sebastian and the BilbaoArte Foundation in Bilbao. Also, in art spaces in other countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, China, Peru, Chile or Germany. For this, he has been recognized with several awards. His work is today part of the funds of significant public and private collections.

In the first place, Kepa Garraza’s work reflects on the nature of the images we consume on a daily basis. Thus, his work questions official discourses and questions the processes of institutional legitimization. In this way, the reflection he raises draws from his interest in the processes of construction of the historical narrative. Thus, Kepa invites the viewer to question the information obtained from the official media.


Subsequently, his reinterpretation of reality is always ambiguous and confusing. It is full of subtleties and gray areas that invite the viewer to rethink the historical narrative and the chronicle of reality. In addition, the artist’s ironic and acidic gaze offers alternatives to the reality we know and proposes a healthy exercise: to always doubt the official version.