La ceremonia de los incompletos I

Javier Ruiz

For Javier Ruíz Pérez, this identity has taken different paths, such as urban art or figuration in the strictest sense. Now, that vision of the world comes to us with nuances, like a subtle renunciation of detail in favour of an expressive brushstroke committed to everyday life.

Let us say that Javier’s approach to reality is similar to the idea of the hermeneutic circle, of apprehending the totality from a detail that we understand thanks to that same totality. It is the small everyday features and attitudes of his characters that mark the dialogue with a whole which, at first glance, might seem alien to us.

Javier’s paintings abound in non-places, bare fields, plateaus where the human soul is reduced to a minimum expression. Hence, his protagonists work, play and exist without giving an answer to the reasons that have led them to such places. The decontextualisation is important, as it highlights the features that give character to the work, whether it be the elimination of the costume codes or the addition of objects and attitudes of necessary disparity.

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Oil on canvas
180x160 cm
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About the artist

Javier Ruiz (Jaén, 1989) began studying Graphic Design in Jaén in 2007. In 2013 he studied Higher Studies in Illustration in Madrid. In 2014 he took a painting and colour theory workshop in Los Angeles (USA).

The artist has received several awards throughout his career:

La Rural contest (2010), selected in FIGURATIVAS ’11 (2011), selected in Emilio Ollero contest (2011), honourable mention in Real Ateneo de Sevilla contest (2013), honourable mention in MODportrait contest (2014), winner in Bienal de Pintura deportiva de Burgos (2015).