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Max Gärtner

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Max Gärtner

About the artist

With his abstract representations of various creatures, the Spanish/German artist Max Gärtner explores the tensions and interrelationships between reality and the metaphysical, between the natural and the supernatural. After having completed his studies in graphic arts in Barcelona, Max Gärtner continued to be involved in a wide range of projects with the art collective Barri Groc. In addition, he also continued a parallel project as an illustrator and character designer.

In addition to this, his works were exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe. He has been living and working in Berlin since March 2012. There he has expanded his artistic spectrum within a variety of exhibitions. Even if Max Gärtner’s abstract works provide testimony to his expertise in design and graphic illustration. As a result, Max names great masters such as Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele among his most important influences and inspirations.

This reference to great authors is palpable in his exhibitions. The Spanish-German artist likes to stage his exhibitions in the style of a ‘modern temple’, with the idea of creating a space that aspires to relate human existence and its connection with the divine, through artistic expression.