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Cesc Abad

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Oil on canvas
150x160 cm
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Cesc Abad

About the artist

Evolution is a premise that is intrinsically linked to human nature, and as such, the artistic evolution of Cesc Abad is an inevitable premise.
His essence as an artist has been characterized by his relationship with nature, but above all, by the relationship between humans and nature, their actions and behaviors towards it that are so greatly changing the environment.
After going through a series where his paintings were filled with forests, animals, and human stories, reflecting passions, war, faith, envy, love, and sex, establishing a direct relationship between the human and animal species, Cesc Abad now delights us with a new series where the forms have become more refined and the human presence is now the protagonist.
This refinement of forms leads to the creation of characters, both female and male, who become the protagonists of his works, all of which show us everyday actions with a subtly ironic and conceptual backdrop. Their physical attributes are a clear example of the evolution from his previous stage, as there are parts of their bodies that are trunks or branches, or where the eyes can be small brightly colored birds. As part of his work, it is worth noting the importance of light and shadow, which function as accessories to the protagonists of his paintings, constantly reminding us, like the cycle of day and night, of the delicate harmony that exists in the natural world.
Thus, light and shadow, the cave and humanity, nature and characters, intertwine in an artistic symphony that reflects our own search for meaning. Through Cesc Abad’s work, we transcend the confines of our daily existence and delve into a realm of infinite possibilities. With each brushstroke, Cesc reveals our ability to illuminate the world and find truth amidst the darkness. Nature continues to be present in his work as the object that has been disassembled from its environment and is now the protected object of the human who has just shaped their stories, decorating them and, on occasion, judging them.