Night Garden (2021)

Cesc Abad


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Unique piece
77 x 40 x 40 cm
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About the artist

Throughout his years of experimentation, Cesc Abad (Barcelona, 1973) has developed a special interest in man and his relationship and effect on nature. After years of studying the great masters of painting, he found his technical tool in the post-impressionist brushstroke and history in symbolism. A clear example of this is his work Night Garden (2021).

This mixture leads to both figurative and conceptual work, as a result of an introspective task from the point of view of nature, but suggesting many questions to the viewer.

His artworks allow people to observe the landscape in a different way, as if one could approach a piece of forest, simply by sliding the finger on the screen, to discover sometimes a real animal world, sometimes a dreamlike and sometimes a dystopian world.

His main work is done in large formats using oil and acrylic paint and also, as a counterpoint to painting, ceramics also has a very special place.

Cesc Abad‘s work allows us to enter a kind of Garden of Eden where each element lives in communion with its environment, and at the same time, makes us reflect on the dangers of technological advances, which can mutate parts of an animal body into a traffic light or a gun.

Perhaps we are facing an involution of the species, where the true pariahs of the planet will be the men and women who observe the desires of the animal species. Perhaps we are facing a new dystopia that allows us to reflect on our role in the world, as a satire of human behavior.
Perhaps Cesc Abad is inventing a world to talk about our own.