No dejes de mirar lo que brilla

Alfredo Chamal

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Ballpoint on cotton paper
50x50 cm
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Alfredo Chamal

About the artist

Alfredo Chamal explores with hyperrealistic language themes of his own daily life, anecdotes that highlight the search and rescue of femininity through characters and objects that interact to form strange compositions, through drawings of surrealist tinge made with a ballpoint pen. The neatness of Alfredo Chamal’s technique and the use of an uncommon tool in the plastic arts, but every day for the general public, are the connecting means with the viewer’s gaze.

His latest works explore his own femininity, using a mannequin as a metaphor for the protagonist of his drawings. The works are inspired by photographs that he captures himself. Intimate, intriguing, and accidental, the images are the groundwork for his creations that invite contemplation of the strokes and the spontaneous harmony in them. Impregnated with virtuous mimicry, his drawings create a dialogue with the viewer.

Alfredo Chamal focuses on people in their immediate environment, his main interest is the everyday portrait that presents a frozen experience that provokes a more intimate dialogue. In the artist’s own words, “Art for me has always been something so every day that since I was a child I have used the tools I have at my fingertips to create and that is very much linked in concept with my current work.”