Stillleben in grün

Malgosia Jankowska


Ink on paper
Unique piece
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Malgosia Jankowska

About the artist

The painter Malgosia Jankowska was born in 1978 in Sochaczew (Poland) and studied painting in Warsaw and Berlin. With fine brushstrokes, she contrasts people and nature. She masterfully creates paintings of impressive depth and breadth by alternating translucent and pasty colors. Mysteriously, white light bursts through the tree trunks of some paintings like a white mist.

The filigree lines, together with the softened tones-sometimes restricted to a single color on a white background-are reminiscent of old storybook prints. The scenes Malgosia’s paintings invite us into are like a fairy tale. In a literal sense, the word “fantastic” is also highly symbolic of the repertoire that Jankowska traverses in her painted world and has become a succinct characteristic of her art: The children in the forest, the wolves or the colossal mushrooms are not only visual images of a reality borrowed in the manner of the Brothers Grimm. Malgosia has endowed herself with a set of figures all her own, which she always puts in relation to each other. The child as an emblem of innocence, wandering free in the dangerous forest, reflects a secret world of the subconscious. Nature becomes the space of buried fears and desires.