Juan De la Rica

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Oil on canvas
162x130 cm
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Juan de la Rica

About the artist

Regarding one of his 2021 exhibitions, entitled “De nada”, Juan de la Rica stated:

“I like to say that the theme is nothing more than a macguffin, using Hitchcock’s language, a plot excuse for the painting to move forward. I see it a bit like the paradox of figurative painting: we painters are continually looking for interesting subjects, when what is really interesting is the painting itself.”

In an interview for Sirocomag he clarifies that his themes, arduously used in the history of art, are not intended to overcome their superficial treatment, although he understands that they arouse new readings. In this way, he presents us with an imaginary far from any novelty but that continues to surprise and absorb us with each representation.

In his declarations he vindicates drawing as an enhancer of painting itself, affirming that he considers it fundamental, “like the foundations of painting”. About the marked melancholy and density that his works breathe, he explains that, far from being something intentional, it is the result of his intuition when painting.

The protagonists of his paintings – be they humans, animals, gods or landscapes – are covered with a deep depth, accentuated by the use of color and the cleanliness of the drawing. However, this introspection is combined with the superficial halo of pop art present in his work. It is a continuous dichotomous game since, in spite of his complex conception of painting, he embraces the ironic tone that his figures arouse.