Untitled 9 (2020)

Oil on linen panel


24 x 18 cm
Unique piece
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About the artist

“Taking the landscape as an initial starting point, my paintings are not of literal presentation, but focus on the emotive qualities of place. Using an objective palette tied to the Scottish landscape, color acts as a vehicle to reveal the picture planes underlying the landmarks.

With structure, design and color harmony based on the everyday, the viewer is encouraged to re-approach notions of their surroundings, where the familiar is opened up and filled with possibilities. With works that leave the territory of art and traditional values, through process and presentation, a dialogue opens up between the past and the present, the historical and the contemporary.

Despite the allusion to social, spiritual and material contexts within the field of my art, the main criteria always return to the basic constructive elements. Form, color and surface build the foundational support and elevate the concepts of the works, allowing the viewer to discover layers of potential meaning as each element is considered.”

Note by Eric Cruikshank