Winter im Wald

Malgosia Jankowska

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Ink on paper
130 x 100 cm
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Malgosia Jankowska

About the artist

Malgosia Jankowska, originally from Poland, currently lives and works in Berlin. Her work, produced with impeccable technique, transports the viewer to a world where nature and man live in harmony. A good example of this is her work Still life (2021).

However, in most of her works, the calmness conveyed by the environment seems to be threatened by the appearance of insects and snakes on a larger scale.

According to the artist, they represent the constant danger that threatens peace, highlighting the fragile balance of our humanity.

At the opposite pole, children represent the most innocent and naive part of civilisation, the hope for a better world.

Jankowska constructs her works with translucent and highly pigmented variations of watercolours and black, blue and red inks. Each image is carefully nuanced and shaded, playing with tones to create a sharp, subtle effect.

The artist uses a fine brush to define the topography, huts and graceful trees. These elements are illustrated in rich detail, while her characters are quirky figures that blur and fade into nature.

Jankowska builds the breadth and depth of her works with her clever use of ink tone, giving her illustrations an evocative and haunting atmosphere, where each piece captures a similar scene but an isolated story.

There is a strangeness to each work that captivates the viewer and challenges them to reflect on the story and the mysterious site apparent on the canvas.