Dirk Salz

His works open up an experience of shifting between their various depths and planes, but at the same time they hold our own place next to them, not within them. Because the concept of reflection is inherent to Dirk’s artistic investigation of space. In addition to exploring space, Salz’s works impose on us a question of temporality and the role of time in our perception of space. Time is a category that comes before space, which is necessarily more internal and allows the outer space to be revealed.

His creative process is most original and always responds to the aim of challenging the viewer to deconstruct the painting and search for the original trace. Moreover, he wants to distinguish the real from what are mere effects of visual refrangibility. At first glance it is difficult to discern which lines, shapes and levels of depth are part of the work and which are mere reflections. To achieve this, the artist forces the viewer to move, to look at the piece from different angles and distances, and to observe it more and more closely.

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Pigments and wax
90 cm of diameter
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Dirk Salz

About the artist

Dirk Salz (1962, Bochum, Alemania) se interesa por las formas simples y la transparencia del color, jugando con las impresiones de profundidad, que no se imponen a través de planos o composiciones complejas, sino mediante su reducción. Sus imágenes se colocan sobre superficies lisas que sirven de espejos metafóricos para el espectador, espejos que reflejan la propia imagen del espectador dentro del espacio, y las posibilidades de nuestra relación con él.