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Léo Dorfner

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Watercolor on paper
150x110 cm
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Léo Dorfner

About the artist

Worlds collide in the work of Léo Dorfner; We see high art, mythology, and popular media combined to create a cacophony of blue ink cultures. Originally from Paris, Dorfner was educated at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris and has exhibited in France, Germany and (just to keep it eclectic) South Korea.

Dorfner’s work acts as a crystallization of the present. Just as we exist in a society that teeters on the fine line between progress and tradition, Dorfner’s art bridges the past and present in exciting and often humorous ways (it’s hard not to let out an amused sigh at a tattoo of Mickey Mouse on Andromache’s cheek). There is a silent rebellion that runs through his work and that manifests itself as an obvious product of the time; The idea that Dorfner chooses to corrupt established forms through graffiti and photo manipulation is impossible to separate from the images created by the Instagram generation. With the introduction of social media (and the resulting decline in attention spans), satire has moved from written form to images; A meme now has as much weight as the Borowitz report when it comes to criticizing current events. Dorfner’s art falls on this spectrum of social satire, sliding toward opposite poles with each new work.